Space Room Time

It really makes me wonder if it’s a good thing to stay "not-bored"
How’s anyone gonna have time for refreshing and reflection if he/she is talking all the time?
To me, the solitude is cruel to every aspect of my life!
It ain’t about "ok, you have 2 hours" or "ok, ok, I won’t bother ya"
no, it’s about having sufficient time and space, with the right surroundings, so I could calm myself down, get whatever needed to be done organized and planned, maybe get a few portions of the things done, and then,
I’ll have the time of my world.
That’s why I treasure the few moments prior to bed so preciously. It’s quite, only me and my radio, I could chat with a friend or two if I like, but I would ALWAYS have the calming sensation I’d need. I am still missing the day with my routine setup back in high school and early part of mc gill. To me, I am still finding the right routine. But it’s so difficult to do it in this varieties of life. It ain’t always good. but it ain’t definitely bad the whole time.
it’s life man, get it straight and live with it
you just gotta fight your own way out of it
be strong, be confident, and make yourself proud
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