Principle Conflictions?

What can you do when life is conflicting with your principles?
I’ve always been a man of principles, golden rules, support and guidiance of life.
Generally or most of the time, I don’t give a damn for those who ain’t liking my principles,
because they ain’t have no clue of how far they’ve taken me, through thick and thin.
But when that occurs to people close nearby, it becomes a problem…
Yo see, I believe in Changing man, people gonna learn and grow through experiences
and if all life has to give ain’t gonna change for nothing, or be learned for nothing, damn,
yo might well just shot yourself blind dead. What’s the point of living if one ain’t progessing?
This reminds me of Chubby C’s book about Keepin’ it real.
What real man? The reality is this, if you ain’t keeping it up with me, don’t even try to hit me with that shit.
Ain’t the same no more? of course not! If I were still the childish man years back? or shouldn’t I have never learned from the experience? what in the world did I pay all those efforts into that trip for man? get it straight!
A man cannot depend on others yo; a man’s gotta stand tall and straight.
If others ain’t liking it, it’s their problem.
If it’s a friend, then I can try to explain my point of view.
If it’s a close friend, he/she better understand my principles are the reason that I’m still standing and living straight up unlike most of the chicken-asses walking around skinny attention-desired confidentless people.
My principles man, Mine
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