School Day!

Haven’t had this much fun on a school day anymore
I used to enjoy a great deal out of myself in every occasions like this
Elementary, Jr. High, Brentwood’s track and Field Day
Everything seemed to come to a halt when college arrived…
I could still recal myself leaning against the window so hard that I could put my head through it,
just trying to feel the excitment of the students and the school.
That was 2002, Orthopaedic Research Center, KMU.
I could still recall the day that we had to convince just about everyone in the class to compete in the relay.
Especially when I had to arrange the orders with aka "gunners" and "girls" in our first ever relay, with Me, South, and Bin closing out the very dead last place. Also the alone yet optimistic feeling when we luckily received the 4th place medal from the profs.
How far have we come along huh? How much has gone through in between!
I’m just glad I’ve always put in my efforts so as when I look back down, there was nothing but gratifications.
Maybe that’s why I could finally and once again enjoy myself like the way it should have always been. 
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