Sports Psychology

Mental Block or just not good enough?
That exercise psychology class is definitely one of my favorite of all. I can still recall clearly a few of my best mathces ever from BCS. None of them came from team tournaments, maybe except that time when I had a huge blister on my palm. Man I fit perfectly into the category of "afraid to lose" although I had never notice a slight bit.
Not only tennis either. I used to be the king of keeper in soccer. all the way through freshman and sophomore. This year, when that golden player came, I got lost of myself. I even explained it once as "if I could be the top player on the team or the pioneer, then my potential could be expanded." Ain’t always like that? I was afraid of bringing the team down! I was choking like a baby man! damn!
I had the symptom, I’ve found the causes, now I just gotta find a way to take over. God Bless.
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