Competitive fire

How long has it been since I was in pain after a loss?
I used to be the most competitive person. I tried all I could and laid everything on the field. That was in Brentwood, that was in Mc Gill. When I got injuried everything darkened and so was my competitive fire. Trace the time, last time I was heartbroken sleepless was in Mc Gill when I lost my consulation finals barely in the third set.
Amazing how things could change. Just as I was tanked out fuelless during the school day weekend, I was actually surprised by my own reaction in matches against Jian Yi today. Damn man, I was "being competitive" for at least 20 mins. And as familiar as it could be, the burning sensation after a loss striked me so hard as I’ve never expected for years. it was painful for show, but on the other hand, the surprise buried it all.
Am I really catching up of being an athlete again? or it was just me getting too emotional? It could be that psychology class’ effect, ain’t sure. Maybe it’s because I, suddenly, am one of the healthier or at least more physically gifted player on the team… finding a reason to be fired up?
who knows man, whatever happnes, i’m glad. Thank you god.
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