Heart Burn

I caught a Heart Burn.
It’s not the physiological Heart Burn, but a psychological one.
It certainly felt like Heart Burn, nevertheless.
Just as I caught up with the sensation of an athlete again, I also caught the most excruciating part of it. However, it was not unfamiliar either. The pain striked when I was sitting on the side while knowing I could contridbute. And not only contributing, but also performing BETTER. That was the killer.
As much as I understand my role, I still felt forgotten. And just as I was despair and ready to pack away, my aorta was chocked by the damn doubles play that almost took away my faith which took me years to regain. That, was Heart Burning, ischemia, cardiabraydia.
I thought this could never had happned again. Or else, I was wrong. Maybe these are the stages that God set to toughen me up, the challenges people need to battle and conquer to move on. I shall always keep this feeling vivid, as a reminder of all. I will have to break "the seconder" on the field someday too. As Usher puts it, "I think that you should, let it burn…"
I ma get my due.
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