What’s in Me?

Damn man, it’s been a while. Never had enough time, never had enough energy. Never had enough time for reflections. When is this gonna be over? It’s been a crazy semester. It was meant to be busy from day one. A new coach, assistance Capt, symposium PA (again), the School Cup, terrible biology-related class, ENDLESS reports, physical trainings, delayed jr. trainers, mid-terms, presentations, and now, Finals. Should I be glad it’s almost over?
Above all, I am sure that it’s been a bless. I am more certain of myself, I have learned how to seperate pressure and attention. Oh I’m glad that I ain’t responsible for organizing the trainer’s team anymore, it certainly unloads the stress. Classes are busy yes, yet they are damn interesting; I’ve been proud of myself and a few of my group mates. Training’s been tough, but I am definitely one of the most benefited. Heck, I miss tons of tennis practices but still have the pride. And Damn the Medical Cup. I ma rule. Oh and I’ve overruled a few professors, and almost built a barrier and isolated myself by asking too many questions. Damn those self-centered ones man, if you can’t take the hit you ain’t ready. The mid-terms were ok, but I’m crammed for the finals, with presentations/reports/trainers session. Luckily I have been through it all, seen it all, and ain’t no fear of all. Stress? What Stress? Sports Psychology huh, intrinsic motivation, Mastery, Task Approach.
Finals, here I come.
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