Mountain Love

Mountain Love man, Mountain Love.
When was I inspired? I’d say back in that life-turning years of high school. In that best and final year. Baylis invited me to hike with him a few times. I had that attitude of "treating hiking as training," but I did enjoy it along the way regardless. Also that drive around great Van experience with Carina was really a hit. I learned how to enjoy life just as well as anything else. That’s where things got started.
After returning back to Taiwan, I was fortunated enough to participate the family trip up the mountains in 2004. Not only had I witness the great Yu Mountain, but I had a time of life driving down from Yu to Ali Mountain. That WAS inspiring. We drove from the afternoon, to the sunset, all the way until we were embraced by the starmoon light. I would never want to replace that piece of memory.
This year, the family was on another trip through the mountains of the south, with pride I had. The altitude was not nearly as high, but the scenery weren’t shy. The smell of fresh air, the sensation of cloud touching on the skin, and viewing the work of mother nature, they really make one wonder, modest, yet true.
Another aspect has to be mentioned is the aborigines. They are one of my most respected people worldwide. Although they definitely have their uncivilized drinking habbit and all, I have my full bow to their way of life, especially to their ancestors. Their open and geniue attitude towards life and people are really a dose of trenquinizer, to free our soul from the dark and synicle urban tension.
Above all, these are precious treasures of our nation I believe. In as much enjoyment as I had all these time, I could really give them all up for the conservation purpose. I still ain’t sure if tourism is beneficial to the mountains, maybe for the economy of the aborigines, it is my most profound wish that these mountains can be organized in a way so these treasures can be preserved permenantly. If I ever have the power or ability to contribute to all these, I would have no doubt in what to do. I’ve already been on the receiving end for too long, I ma give them all back with grace.
God bless the mountains, god bless the aborigines.
Mountain Love, endless
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