Winter Break 2006

Usually during this time of the year, I would be satisfied. Another decent semester, and I got a fruitfull break ahead of me. Mainly because of the lab work. Yes, the lab work. The lab work that’s been keeping me alive since year 2002. When everyone else is sitting lazy at home doing pretty much nothing, I’m challenging and filling myself with molecules and animal models. And I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.
This year, it’s a little bit different. I started up unwilling. I had a storm of ideas that I had to turn into words, and I was looking forward to do that after my finals. I thought I couldn’t do that when I had to go to labs everyday. Also I was planning on playing loads of tennis, and I couldn’t do that if I was going to the lab everyday.
It’s amazing how things could sort itself out if you just hold on to it. I used my early morning time to play tennis, and it turned out to be all right. Then Wei Chi caught that appendicitis, so I wasn’t be able to play with him anyway. On the other hand, I had a lot of time to think over about my semester report. I read a lot of journals, which were really beneficial to my understanding towards the project. Time in the lab also allowed me to do a lot of research on my education in the next step. I held onto the idea that everything would be better and it did.
After another amazing family trip, things got even better. I bought myself loads of time preparing for the report in the libruary and fully participated the tennis training. Moreover, I got myself spare time from constructing the presentationt to type up my Suggestions that I had promised prof Yang in the end of last summer. All of these things basically means that I’ve completed just about all the things I wished in the beginning, how graceful.
What’s a head of me? I have my first 25-credit semester waiting ahead of me. It was supposed to be 28 but I guess I could bring myself down a notch. There will also be physical training, tennis practice, soccer events, school events, tournaments, and my little frisbee team. Pressure? what pressure! I know if I hold on to it tight enough, it will only make me stronger. I now remember when I had to stay off every weekend prior to the opening night for musical theatre practice for my last 2 years of high school. It was something. It did make me stronger.
You’re kool man, keep your head up.
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