Driver’s License

Finally be driving legally again.
It was really an interesting ride I must say. It all got started when ger failed his tests for 5+ times.
Then I was rejected to extend my license in NY. We both got sick of driving illegally and dodging cops all over the place. After years of ill, we decided to get our pills.
So we got our lessons registered and scheduled; we had to wait for a month but it was cool. What was cooler? The coaches there. They all got their cigarettes, some even got betal nuts. And those tiny Yu-Longs and Ford Injections were just too much, even without the funky roof. The arena was hilarious also, with dots, lines, arrows, little clues all over the place. In a way I had to forget all I know about driving to get accustomed to all the routines.
Day one, the replacement coach got each one of us cars, so we drove. He led and showed one or two, then we practiced. It was simple, hands on deck in 5 mins. Circling around several more times to get the touch. Then I became bored. So we left after 90 mins of orientation. The highlight of the day was that the replacement coach told us that the "real" coach went out on the strett driving the commercial pick-up with the loud-father on. So it ain’t just for part-time workers.
Day two. There was 1 car for the both of us, and the real coach showed up. He was cool. He drove us around, no problem. Bang! We were ready in 5 mins again. 2 men, almost 15 years of driving experiences combined, sitting in a tiny funky ford injection. I couldn’t wait to gear it up in the arena man! In no time we were thumping hard on the accelerator and making the car work desperately so we can break our own records of 3:45 and 4:00. The coach got sick of us, so were our own stomach. We gave in after 70 mins, with a headache. Still, that ain’t the end of the story. Just when we were leaving, bro was brave enough to ask the coach if we could "get" a booklet of written test at the frontdesk. That was ONE DAY prior to the exam! Obviously the coach was shocked that we didn’t have the book, and it was meant for purchasing… how song were we ?
Well at last we both passed our written test. Bro thought it was simple as fk. I thought more than 7 questions were unfamiliar to me. I turned out scoring better than him. Wasup? When we finally arrived at the arena waiting, the coach poped by and said "seems like both of ya did some reading last night…" damn mine! He also reminded us to drive slowly, NOT to paepae. I truely felt like we were one of the most difficult and problematic students he had ever coached. We both passed the road test smoothly without any accidents. We surprised people as siblings, again; I was recognized as the elder one, once more time.
We finally got our license.
I guess the process is all it matters the most. It was really a great experience. I’ve never thought of taking lessons when I heard about Je’s triumph. Where else are you going to find places where students can successfully go through all kinds of rather challenging and unrealistic road blocks, embeded wires, 1.5 M high traffic signals, S-shape lane forward & backward, having no SENSE whatsoever about driving, AND pass the examination without acknowledging the importance of signaling? All those hilarious little "clues" or "paints" in the arena? MotherLord! What a ride. And where else, are people going to find, 2 students trying to break their own record, on a road test arena, ONE DAY prior to the test? Halleluja!
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