Inspiration or Random Thoughts?

It’s been a while, really. Lots of things have passed, life’s been great.
Very interestingly, I’ve got quite some opportunities recently to discuss issues with people, decent conversations, on the topics that I’ve brainstormed, fumbled, sorted, and stated. It’s a gift to be able to think, independently. On top of that, it’s a bless to share thoughts with people that can reflect back.
I’ve always taken pride of being "the wierd one," the type of pride that ain’t popular among the generals. That’s kool, because it ain’t supposed to be gracefully recognized. I had, maybe, tried and failed to influence my friend around me once, with my principles, once, back in 10th grade, and that’s it. Ever since I’ve never considered that my "otherside" of perspective could ever have a positive impact on anyone. Yet when it did, it felt like meeting that "ICQ" person who just clicks perfectly.
Thoughts on our institution is another long issue. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped finding new suggestions. Or shall I say, the ideas have never quite popping up my mind. Through the thinking process, not only solutions were becoming clear, but also more inspirations. The problems, or phenomenum, gives me clues how to think ahead of time, and find out what kind of opportunities are out there, waiting. Among the solutions, one of the most productive accomplishment I did during the winter break was "the letter of suggestions." I was actually rather frightened about the "consequences" I could face after sending out the e-mail. Yet last week, I finally had the chance to speak man to man, face to face, to Prof Yang, smoothly. And the feedback was very satisfying. I felt like finally stepping on the accelerator for a trip that’s been nourishing and planning for years. It maybe a conversation that lasted for an hour, nevertheless it was a solid step on the path of my solutions. I went from "question raiser" in high school, to "problem pointer" in the earlier days, and finally a "suggestion provider." Heck, I even shared my words, or more likely, "counselled" one of the prof when he needed support the most. Satisfaction Guaranteed !
When was last time I was this contempted ?
I have been through bittersweet my life. Victories, awards, academically, artistically, athletically, acceptances, accomplishments, complements, the whole package. Among all the fancy prizes, the first succesful experience in the class of its own may not be the most glomerous ones, they were always the most memorable ones.
All the issues I’ve been throwing up in this article? Class of Inspiration/Thoughts. First Triumph.
I ain’t being full of myself, I’m just being proud of who I am.
It’s been a while.
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