Junior, Curtain Call

How much more is there to surprise ? How much more is there to spice it up?
It’s been quite a while, with LOADS in between. It all began from tennis, where the efforts were laid. After coutless hours and days of running around KMU field like a No-Brainer, and after coutless fist Pumping following each winning point or shot in practice AND matches, I finally got my opportunity this year in the Univerciate Games. I really thought I was funked last year in Med Cup, when I should had been given the chance to challenge the opponent in one single match. That was a tumblign fall.  Maybe god had it all planed out. The fire was litted. I probably wouldn’t even work as hard if it wasn’t for the fall. I promised myself that ain’t never happen no more. The rest of the time between Med Cup and Univerciate Games, I pushed myself to the brink. I HAD to convince myself that I was READY, better than others. And interestingly, fate seemed to be passing over me too. Just when the whole team had agreed to put ShaoJung on the line, Coach Chuang gave me the nod. Just like that, W’s, along with other praises, came piling up. We ended up losing to Taipei Tech, I ended up winning all the matches. Even the loss from the single’s match were a full out effort. I was satisfied, from head to toe. No regret. And those who never had faith in me? They’ve got what they deserved. Everyone knew who were the "supposed" and what not. I’m cool.
The victory led me to the captainship; another leading responsibility. Yet the difference being in SM, I had no weight on my shoulders. Everything was on the table to me to figure, to create, and to decide. There was no tradition, no wishes, and no pressure on the line. I ain’t saing that the tradition of the Tennis Team is bad; hardwork is always a must. But kids these days…especially the young guns, they’ve changed so much from the former teammates. Most of the kids these days are ego-centred without the slightest acknowledgement. So I really have to figure a new way of dealing with them, otherwise the morale IS going to be low… like the way I was treated in my first year on the team. I don’t ever want that to happen, at least not on my team. I also had to deal with problems that was nearly Unthinkable to me… what’s wrong with the Taiwanese Parents these years???????  I’m glad all these incidents, UNTHINKABLES, dinners, rules were all nicely solved and dealed with. I also greatly appreciate those commrades and elders who were there to help me through all these.
Then come almost literally "endless" reports & Co.
And they come in Swams…There’s clerkship weekly and  therapeutic modality Bi-weekly. In the DECISIVE category, the ones that take up a major portion of overall grades, therapeutic exercise, equipment design, and the massive Clinical Medicine. Not to mention the "practicum" and "tests." All these loading put a great deal of stress on the student, and damn, if the student ain’t loving it, he/she is dead! It just shows how important it is to know what you love, and go with it. Imagine if all these work I need to go through were Pharmaceutical or Dentistry ?? I’d be surprised if I ain’t jumping off the roof top…for being so stupid to choose the wrong field. So yeah, as all these load and stress are rolling over most students like Bobcats, I took them like massages. Heck, one of my group even "upgraded" the challenge by completing a report in English! Gotta love them for that. I not only surived, but so far also shined….thank you mates. Oh, and wasup with this "trading asset" about telling me to keep my mouth shut? You poor thing! You certainly haven’t seen enough! If shame was your request, then surely as you wished.
One more week then I’m set free. Like the way it’s been. What a bless. Whenever a road block came coupled with an angle. Even when I was out of track…you were there to pull me back. Thank you god…or Jesus….whoever that is looking down after me, I thank thee. And Da Vinci Code can be positve to Christians… at least to Scientific Rationale Medical Christians like me.
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