The Good Samaritan

Lots of Ups and Downs had happened recently. Physically I’ve lost double digit pounds during the final’s week, and haven’t gained much back yet. Mentally, I am definitely fatigued. The stresses that accumulate through the whole semester and carry on into July are just a notch too much. I was not be able to give 100%. Nevertheless, I left everything I had on the table. Yet the work, the load, AND unsuccessful attempts and trials, were heartbreaking. I guess God finally gave me the wake up call when Prof Ho "tutored" me all over on the mistakes I should not had made; there just wasn’t enough heart. In struggle, I looked for the ultimate guidience once more.
The prayer.
Dear Father Lord,
Here I am standing in front of you, weakened. In the past several weeks I had endured one of the most challenging period of my time in KMU. My leadership was tested early when the jr. memebers listened to their own voices. My principles were strongly contested when laziness kicked in during the exam periods. In the end I suffered from the results of half-hearted efforts. I had not been able to obey my principles and heart precisely. Lessons are well learned, or I should say, well taught. You always have. I know I’ve been gifted to be able to observe and learn from others. Yet there still are lessons that needed to be experienced. May I wish myself to grow and develop along the way.
Please open my eyes to distinguish the right from the wrongs, and open my ears so I can always listen to my own voice.
Please give wisdom to my mind so I can walk on the right track of life, and guide me when I have lost my sight.
Please help me become the responsible person that is willing to take on challenges and obstacles, and learn from the life’s lessons.
I want to become the solid person that I was born to be, so I can take my path one by one even in the mist of chaos.
I want to be a humble person that is willing to listen, yet still hold faith to believe.
I want to  become the person to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated.
Please help me to become the graceful person that never take things for granted, especially from the beloved family, friends, and the strangers that give me the hand. I want to become the person that cares, not just about the people I know, but to the whole world. The Good Samaritan.
I thank you deeply for everything that’s happened to me in life. May you also bless my family, friends, and others who needed the faith the most.
praying by the name of Jesus, Amen.
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