Challenges have been coming at like waves. The waves of Hawaii, the waves during typhoon. The waves and tides of Wu Bai.
Since the days of athletic training internship, I knew the road is going to be rugged and rigid. And so it has been. From being the appointed one to the pointed one, the busy body to the coincidential busy budy. Molecular biology to cell biology. ORC to the hippo project. From one possibility to the other reality.
We all know about life. Evenly distributed. Balanced. Whenever there’s someone looking up to you, there’s going to be someone looking down at ya. If a thumb up is given, there’s another finger pointed from behind. I was bothered back in the days; those were the times. I’ve learned to top them off.
Stress. Stress play important role influencing the drive. Ain’t not that I don’t strive without stress, but work was, is, and always will be, the malady of my stress. Stresses occur for reasons, reasons that concern me. And therefore by steping up to the plate and take the issue face to face, I know that the stress ain’t gonna go away unless I chop it off with some melody of triumph. And that’s why I couln’t stand those sorry ones who only worries, without taking the initiation. Man, if you have a religion, at least get up and pray yo! What? you don’t have a religion? Then go greet those cyclists in Ties and helmets!! That’s what I would have done!
Now come the hippo project. After weeks of hold up with prof Yang. We finally nailed down the topic. Just when things were about to get started, the ACSM workshop arrived. Oh goodness I wouldn’t exchange those experiences with the ACC cardiologist and Louisiana Southern Gal’. Yet my project was delayed. I had to hurry. It wasn’t easy, but I, and thank you mates, we did it. We got to the point when the whole setup was ready for a water simulation drill. And just like that… BANG! Everything back to zero.
Life huh…always full of challeges. Ain’t no big deal. That’s the kind of life I’ve chosen to live.
A life in which challenges are Meant to be Conquered.
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