The Faculty Staff Meeting

For the First Time ever, I was invited to attend the faculty staff meeting with Ms. Chuang, the profs, and of course, Dr. Chen, our newly appointed Head.
Really, it’s been rough ever since Dr. Chen took over. Many peers have their doubts. While I’ve been trying to keep the moral up, I just can’t deny the fact that there have been a few controversial moves, which include the cancellation of the Sports Medicine Symposium. On the other hand, I haven’t really seen anything yet either, so I decided to be patient and observe. Because, for real, it’s not fair to judge the man who has not been given the chance to show what he’s got.
Today I had the opportunity to join the meeting; non-exist had student entered, I was overwhelmed. I sat there and just watched the whole faculty/department unfolded in front of me, from one issue to another, small and big, minor and significant. The Internship, of course, was discussed. We probably will be spending more time in different departments of the hospital, and no attending Alexander club at all. La New was probably a Go all right, so that was cool. They also mentioned  the scholarship program that sends students to UVa for summer eye-poping might become a reality AFTER we graduate. The issue on how many athletic scholars should be included in admission was also brought up. We even got a letter that’s supposed to be directed to the President, expressing by a prof/doc whose patient’s complained about how her daughter spent 2 years in our faculty without really knowing much else than a blurr…DAMN. I was somewhat disappointed to see how quiet the profs were during the meeting, when so much had been told directly/indirectly from the students. On the matter, I was surprised that how much influence Ms. Chuang could make towards expressing for the students. Heck, she was actually the one that invited me to the meeting as the "Student Rep," hope I didn’t let her down. And of course, most of all, I got to hear what Dr. Chen has to sell.
Dr. Chen expressed his vision for what we can do at hand. I liked his idea how the profs should work as a team on research project. He suggested/encouraged/recommended the profs to share the new mission of Elderly/Exercising target. Our school is fortunate enough to have a second shot at major projects after failing to pass the extrordinary teaching plan. A part of applying for the grand is to develop plans for special target populations, which in our case, is the elders. I was impressed by the way Dr. Chen laid out his plans on how to intergrate the resources we have academically and clinically and give the project a run. He even wanted the profs to form teams that focus on each issue topic, like the way prof Ho did with her stem cell/gene transplant/tissue engineering teams. I’ve always felt that our profs are like fallen pieces all over the place. There was no team? what team! Maybe that’s why our faculty has been having difficulties on identity. If the profs ain’t even having the answers, how much support/confidence the students are going to receive? Furthermore, the profs would likely to be forced to cooperate with the MDs, which widens the options/views for whoever student that’s involved. If everything goes well according to plans, I’d say the profs and the team they form will be functioning on a higher scale than the earlier construction periods. That way, we’d more likely be launching missiles instead of lighting fireworks. Now that’s really something.
Like I’ve said to ma before, the change of head ain’t bad if Dr. Chen can bring out what he soley has. I love Prof Yang. He’s one of the most striving courageous trail-blazer I’ve ever seen. He was exactly "the man" for the early development for such a young faculty. While the change might have been early in my opinion, it’s one that’s going to happen in a matter of time. Dr. Chen’s arrival marked the end of the first stage of KMUSM. Maybe that’s what we need. Prof Yang worked his heart out to gain the publicity and reputation for us, and maybe Dr. Chen is the one with the malady to our intra-faculty issues. I am not sure what is going to happen in the next 2, 3 years, but I am real glad that I had been patient, to read the man’s plan. Now surely, I ma be patient, to watch the man’s show.
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