Within the Spirit of Democracy

Recently the politics of Taiwan had been taking roller coaster rides. An Adictment’s been made by the prosecuter, A-Bien and the first lady is gonna go on trials. When I first heard of the news; I was ready for a new president. It’s about time. As the true abider of democracy, one just has to follow the rules and policies, else where would regulation come from? So I was READY for a new president.
Was it a relief ? I don’t know. But I was definitely glad that the laws were followed, precisely. Although we all know the Laws were meant to be followed, we could not deny the fact that the members of high political heirachy had been under the radar with enourmous privileges over the history of Taiwan. It’s just the way it WAS. And that form of tradition not only affects the upper echolon of the nation, but also all the way down to the very residential aspects. Taiwanese are more prone to seek for "alternative" "persuasive" "relationship" solutions rather than the absolute answers. why? because "connections" or "shortcuts" are much easier and convenient than the real protocols. And that’s just the truth. So turning back, was the prosecuter really going to file an adictment with no/little political concern?
He did. Word by Word. Line by Line. Against A-bien and the first lady. That’s a big step. A firm solid step on how the laws, the reasoning of democracy that people claim to believe in, are worth living. So really, whether A-bien should step-down as the president, the debate is not going to end. And people probably ain’t going to stop criticizing of him. Yet historically speaking, I think he pushed the root of democracy "that much" further. The scenario "solidified" the shaky image of regulation we once had. Heck, who’s gonna embezzle money now?
This really, in my perspective, marked one of the most important historic landmark of Taiwan’s Demorcracy. I listened to your press conference last night, A-Bien; plus a few more hours of Cheng Hong-Yi’s show afterward. I got you. I feel’ ya. Yet you are the president, you gotta stay straight, you gotta stay clean, and you gotta stay strong. Like you’ve said, History will tell. We as Taiwanese… we just do what we gotta do. A man’s always gotta do what he’s gotta do.
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