Are Kids gonna Get it ?

It’s very interesting how life can have its twists and suddenly two unrelated subjects/topics can just merge all together and make perfect chemistry.
We were asked to do a 5-min briefing on "the most influential book" in exercise mangament class. Without second thought at the instant, I punched it one of my favorite book of all time "I May Be Wrong but I Doubt it." It’s an easy choice, because it really affected me a great deal; yet it may not be the perfect choice, simply because Sir Charles’ ain’t that easy to cope with, especially among a bunch of brain-concreted Taiwanese studnets. I second thought of changing the book several times to Feyman’s books, because that would definitely be easy, we all somewhat sciency, powerful of course, the man’s got a wonderous mind. I think apart of me took that Mencius words seriously after I put that down as apart of my autobiography, and thus I decided to take the tougher challege via Barkley. So that’s that.
A few weeks ago (or maybe just a week ago?), I’ve agreed to give a lecture to the freshmen AND those still-stoneheaded ones on what kind of attitude should a college student have. Of couse that’s just about everything I’ve been preaching or answering in the past 3, 4 years. And now I just need to concentrate it, integrate it a little, and since the audiences are supposed to be stone headed… I gotta do some declorations and seasonings to spice it up. In doing so, apart from what already been waiting to jump out in mind, I also looked, read, and searched for some cues or inspirations that could make the talk more diverse and catchy. So market surveys it went, strawberries of course, and successful examples came.
So I was reading Sir Charles’ book again. After what ger once described it as "your bible," I picked it up and read it all over again, after about a year. Some of his views may have changed; I know he ain’t rooting for republican no more. But the man’s mind is still in his words. It’s still that frank, bold, AND sharp mouth. Isn’t that exactly what I wanted to bring for the kids? And yes, isn’t that a part of my concern? the young kids (players) don’t "get it ?"
With so much political issues going on in Taiwan in the recent years, where’s the cure?? To me, the answer lies in people’s heads. It’s IN THEIR HEADS. Who created the mess, really? The Taiwanese! Those politicians can’t live without the votes, and it’s us the Taiwanese who opted to put them on the stand. So who created the monster? It ain’t eminem! it’s the people of Taiwan!
I really think that people need to know how to think independently and critically, at least for the general populations. Yes education played a HUGE roles in stoning students’ brain, yet can’t we stop blaming the system? People have the right to jump outside the box. Ah! I’m so sick of people blaming everything on the government while doing just as much as those government-fed- staffs. They just sit around, live an above-average life, and complain…or wait, whine.
People need to learn how to think critically and independently, especially on sensitive and serious issues such as politics. Politicians ain’t meant to be honest, because they really represent some of the most original human nature: greed. That’s why everything is intertwined and connected, too much profits is involved. so how’s anyone going to spin the wheel without making deals with the spiders? Are we sending those ones to jail just because they are the few ones daring to at least trying to make the wheel spin ? or on the other hand, are we continually going to keep those spiders up there just because they seemed to "reveal" the "sinners?"
Like I’ve said, it’s sad that most of the Taiwanese have adopted the attitude to "sit around" and "brainstoned." And for most of people, there’s no other way except that because that’s how their lives’ been for the last… half-century? And of course it’s going to be difficult tasks for the passionists to teach people how to think critically, because that’s like preaching buddism to my ma. But damn, can’t we do something about it? I know the positive side of the aka strawberries is that they (or we?) are always open for new ideas (convintions?). Can’t we start with our peers to begin?
Just like Sir Charles put it in his book, he could easily have stayed home and played golf, but there are more important business to be taken care of. And since the society has given him everything he’s got for the past decades, it’s time for him to give back. Ain’t that the case for us the so-called "educated ones?" We’ve been granted just about everything our whole life, ain’t that our responsibility to help people and guide them how to think independently so that maybe, someday, people would know how to tell the right from wrong, or, the "real" warrior from the phonies? Would that be too much to ask?
And I thank God gratefully for whatever you’ve blessed upon me.
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