From Kaohsiung to Tainan


Where to begin? If the journey is meant to consist of anticipated drama and opera, they have not played their roles yet. It has been quite a smooth sail, at least relative to the wild run I had at Yang’s Lab. However, when viewed from the actor’s perspective (that’s me), then it felt like everything was meant to be, or designed. So many coincidences occurred at the right time and moment that really made you either bow down to God’s grace or lose all the hairs before rationalizing them in a scientific way. That’s exactly how I feel.


Before I had begun to second think which mentor to follow, Prof Tang first popped-up from Dr. Wang’s mouth. Then in a 50-50 chance interview, I was assigned to meet him, for the first time. 20 minutes later, a second meet-up (at KMU tennis court) was scheduled. Then another match, followed by another lecture. Until I finally sat-in for the monthly nanotech meeting. That basically set the tune; I was basically left with no-choice but to Tang it. The whole process went smoothly; except that I did visit Prof Chen, whom I had envisioned to learn from for the past 2 years, and felt rather sorry for turning my back on her.


I began to look for housing after the graduation. Another series of odd, unsuspected, out of the blue events that occurred, I landed in the apartment whose owner rented ma and I her place while we were eating at her restaurant. The only reason that she would rent us her place was so-called “your son,” which translated into me. For whatever reason, my presence (because I ate a lot?) in the restaurant got us the apartment.


How did I start “the journey?” At first I wrote an e-mail to Prof Tang regarding the date of my arrival in order to buy myself sometime after the graduation. Not only to finish off Ecology, but also more importantly to relax my already-exhausted mind. Yet after returning from Mt. He-Huan, I checked my e-mail and read, from Jason (who’s an incredible man), “you are planning on reporting to the lab on Monday at 9:00. Why don’t you give your report at noon! ” My goodness, what a shock! I dragged my fatigued body to the frontline and constructed what turned out to be the first-ever presentation given by the first-day rookie in the Lab’s memorable history. Catastrophic? Just the other way around. I used the chance to express my background, history of studies, the desire to learn, and criminal records…I meant, solitude+frank-induced disasters. If it was eye-opening for me to undergo so many new faces and names, it was probably mind-boggling/confusing for the members to accept a rookie like me. Very Harnh-esque indeed.


After a few days or weeks of commuting back and forth between Kaohsiung and Tainan, I finally moved into the HUGE apartment, thanks to ma, je, ger, mingshan, and JR. It was also my first time to purchase furniture from the bulletin board system. I wasn’t sure if I’ve gotten a bargain out of it this time, but it was still quite a life’s lesson to make business with the people living in the lower echelon. In a way it was bitter to see cheaper deals on board later on, on the other hand I was glad I gave a hand in a sense to those who needed the help. It really reminded me of who I was and the blessing around me. Tainan may very well be the place I was meant to live in. It gives me the “suburb” environment I’ve always wanted, and the slower and quieter mist in the air that allow me to soak in and just think freely. It’s so pleasant to see all those vacant parking spaces and no run-ons during the shift of red to green light. Even though the local residents are somewhat messed up in the head (esp. that lady who I bought my furniture from), they undeniably display the type of unpolluted personality that give  reminiscences of the uttermost human nature found in the courtyard bound of every country-side of the world. Just what I needed for my weary soul.


Let’s just sit back and relax.

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