For about a week, the one that I had to miss my rehab because of a welcome party, the average arrival time for me to be home is around 2300. That wasn’t easy. I felt weaker by the day, and my immune system seemed to have taken a toll as my throat was getting sore and fluids running down my nose. By the end of Friday, I was just glad the week was over and stayed up until 240 to finish off the slides for the Saturday morning meeting. It was supposed to be one hour, from 800 to 900 anyway; easy come easy go, I thought. Was that so. The meeting was immediately followed by Tang’s lecture, courtesy of prof’s acknowledgement of our innocence. The easy come easy go suddenly became a 4-hour long back stiffening workshop. Schedule for Saturday afternoon? Done! Resting. Evening? Done! More resting. So rough, so tough.


With school about to start at the blink of the eye, the urge to get experiments done becomes stronger. I have no idea what life would be like when everything begins ticking. According to the seniors, the experiments during academic period are performed in the evening. Man, I am struggling to survive, without the academic loading. Can’t imagine how things would turn out; hope I won’t crash like my samples under high frequency.


Hanging there man… 

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