The Amazing Grace

The Amazing Grace


I don’t know if I am a wretch. Probably true due to my 2-month-old NCKU résumé and zero lecture hour. Saved? More like Touched, by The Hand.

        For years I’ve determined to take challenges, and fate has led me here. The promise land, guarantee to challenge (or suffer). The new environment rubbed off a few more wildness on the outside, added a few more wrinkles by my eyes. I came with tools that I didn’t expect to use, yet from day one, I felt like I was riding on a track that suited me just right. I have been very fortunate to express my personality adequately to receive the type of advises and supports I needed to survive Tang-ship. So with academic, relationship, survival done and settled, what else could there be?

        Loads, loads of uncertainties. Even when I tried to stay in control, sometimes things just know how to find a way to roughen up. Yesterday I was pumped because everything was in place, ready for a 2-day-2-rat run, only to be set back when I got the call from the animal centre about my perished rat. I guess God put man in situations like that to humble and to test his deed. Had I complained, I probably would have missed the opportunity to learn about post-anesthetic care. Had I whined, the words could have scared away the supportive cares. Most importantly, had I disbelieved, I would never have felt God’s hand. I have been concerning over about the age of the rat. Although I had 2 rats for this week, there would have been none for the next 2 months due to the age-control. Yet when I finally gutted it up and reached for the phone (Hei Hei!!), grace blessed upon me like the southern sunshine. I ran upstairs and found 7 male rats, 2 months old, all matched my conditions perfectly. The 2-day run? Saved. Schedule for the next 2 months? Rejuvenated. Returned from the 8th floor, I sat at my desk. Knees weaken, hands trembled. I nearly cried. Eventually I went to calibrate my machine. While waiting, I closed my eyes and prayed. Can’t recall when was last time I was this deeply touched and impressed by the hands of God. Emotionally, I thanked all those who have been there to give me that extra fuel, and thank God for placing his hands on me. Then I opened my eyes.  

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One Response to The Amazing Grace

  1. 愛旅行的貓 says:

    God bless us!這就是我在教會的感動!我時時在在感受到天父我們的愛,很為你的實驗順利感到快樂!
    Maybe this is the best birthday present to you from GOD!
    在天父的看顧之下,我們會走過來的,love ya!

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