Post-match prayer

Dear Father Lord,
Thank you for the blessing you’ve embraced upon me throughout the matches. It’s a pity that I couldn’t have finished the day as the rain washed down. Yet by giving away the championship that was once within 2 points of reach, reminded me of who I was and what I had. Each and every loss I suffered has made me stronger and tougher. Just when I thought I could not have improved once departed from KMU, you’ve proven me wrong in this tournament. Although I’ve lost a few steps and breaths, I’ve gained more wit and will. Just when I thought nothing much was possible besides lab work here, I’ve been rather contempted with my life. I thank you for the faith not to give up, the blessing you’ve given to the opponent he deserves, and the wonderful hearty friendship you’ve sent around me. If I were to quit after winning a championship, maybe it’s not the time to hang-up yet. As you’ve paved.
Praying in the name of Jesus. Amen.
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One Response to Post-match prayer

  1. Hsiao-Wen says:

    God cares for everyone’s need without gain and loss.

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