Devoted = 24/7/365 ?

I few days ago I was discussing with a friend on the art of scientific research. One of the Academic Sinician expressed that doing research requires "Devotion." For sure, no doubt. Devotion is always needed in any process to succeed. However, the same word, different culture, different interpretations. Ask anyone in Tang’s lab and devotion means restless-hardwork. And there he is, Mr. Iron-Superman (Congrads on your new son), always the role model, have you heard about his story? What’s going on? Not everyone is meant to be superman; what if mortals are not suitable for being a superman?
Times like this always reminds me of Max, my dear old German buddy. The one that taught me the secret behind supremecy over ordinary: focus. That’s it. It took me a long time to master it but I for certain had it in my hand. All I had to do was to organize my life according to my own nature with 1 task at a time and sufficient room for rests and fun/exercise. It worked man. It worked. I soaked in sweats yet mastered everything I had to face. Always full-effort, always focused. Was I devoted? Whoever thought I was slacking off owed me an apoplogy and a forehand stroke on the face. Devoted and Rewarded.
That was the past. Right now? I am floating in the mist of Taiwnaese spirit: Hardwork pays off. Yeah…if losing weight is the goal then yeah things are paying off. If finishing off the day exhausted is the golden rule then my days are multi-platiumed. Sounded heroic? No way. I’m no superman; I’m mortal. I’m an ordinary human being. I have my will, desires, human nature, lusts, and slack-offs. I got a semi-clever mind that people sometimes excepted me of, and I got a out of the window mind that never liked to follow the rules. They are all a part of me. I ain’t complete without either one of them. If I were to connect my tasks heads to tails one after another one like everyone else did, I would to loose focus. I would. How do I know? I already am. Never had I felt so hard to stay focus these days. Damn!
Back to the point where I began with devotion. Does working days & nights yield devotion? Turn it the other way around. Whoever thought Dr. Wang wasn’t devoted during his days as the head of KMU must be insane. Yet he was also the most on-time tennis member of the court every afternoon. I could go further. By playing tennis regularly probably (almost definitely) helped him with his stress and physical strength he needed to got throught the works and tasks. He probably would had been less productive hadn’t he played so much tennis. Would that have been slacking off for him?
Whoever thought devoted means working 24/7/365 must be a genius. or a superman. They can see the flaws in human nature and accept 70% potential products. Not me. I’m mortal. I’m uni-tasking. I am too dumb to fight against the genius. I do one thing at a time, with breaks in between tasks.
And I produce MY kind of products. Full efforts.
Sorry if you don’t like that.
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