Being Graceful

Sounds easy huh. Just be thankful yeah.
Well that’s the easy part. That’s the part where regular human beings can hang it around their mouth. "yeah thank you god for giving me all these things."
Of course they gotta be thankful man, if people are receiving things and can’t have the slightest idea about being thankful, they simply don’t deserve.
The graceful I’m talking about here is sitting another level up. The one that’s easily missed out by the subject but obvious to the eyes of others. The ones Charles Barkley once described as "I’m mad because my breafast is cold?" It’s probably human nature to get accustomed to where you are and what you have and therefore taking them for granted. But people gotta have some qualities. Especially when the situation turns rough, when sweet turns sour, when atomsphere becomes hyperbarric. People begins to forget how fortunate they are just to be in the position, even by means of stressing or suffering. And for show I know it’s not easy to be thankful when things are not going the way we want them to be, but heck, if Dr. Lien could be thankful as he was about to funk donations and hopes from millions of Taiwanese and craved 3 holes on his floor in West Africa, then why in the world do we have the slightest right to whine? or not to be graceful?
I know it’s the hardest when shit is about to hit the fan. but one’s gotta have food and electricity in order to run into those situations yeah?
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