I can still remember when I was really young, back in elementary, I found out when I was screaming for DDP, just about everyone in the classroom corresponded with me… almost in harmony. Almost in a sense, by which means, as for the sons of teachers, they had a different voice. That’s when I first experienced opposition. Fast track.
Year 2000, I was in New York. When I found out the triump of President Chen, I went online immediately to share the news with my then-best buddy, Lil’ Wang, just to realize he was in no mood to share my happiness because his family voted for James Song. That’s the first time I experienced opposition from someone REAL close. Fast track again.
Year 2002, I was in Montreal. Phil the Singaporian was trying to discuss politics with what he thought an enthusiacist – me. He probably felt like someone trying to sell fundamental NBA basketball to the SBL fans… I sounded like a proud independentist yet had no real beef of what was going on. A while later when I returned to Taiwan and chatted with him online on similar issues again, he told me I had been much more politically minded. That’s the first time I realized how little I had really cared about the politics in Taiwan. Not just that. Phil also added, politics, like it or not, is an important issue in Taiwan; as a Taiwanese, I should pay attention to it. I think I’ve heard that from Pa too, but that coming from someone my age and with a different nationality just added that extra kick in the comment.
The first Political Show I devoted to… when I meant "devoted to" was by watching it regularly, or at least tried to… was "Voices of Taiwan" hosted by Mr. Wang Ben Hu. My first attempt to channel it was actually to watch his interview with Dr. Lien Jia-En, who just returned from West Africa and spreaded loves from Taiwan. I watched the show all the way until Mr. Wang successfully willed/influenced the public and sent President Chen to his second reign. But still, I was still a rookie, witnessing enthusiacists making an influence publicly for something they believed in. Those were true words, yet near one-sided words.
Slowly and gradually, I began to witness much more than just one-sided words. As I became more exposed to the real world, I was no longer within the people of the same mind, even in the KMU of Blue Sky Green Praire. Also as DDP held throne and had a taste of political triump in both presidency and congress, the evil of power arose. That’s when I began watching News Talk hosted by Mr. Cheng Hong-Yi, for those guests of various background I listened and learned in different perspectives. In a world/sytem where everything was to be amplified by the media, negatively was never short on TV. The noises were little initially, then they became inevitable, and at last they were catastrophic.
or were they?
As much as I have been disappointed by the DDP & President Chen, I have been equally gratifying to be apart of these historical turning points of Taiwanese politcs. People may not know, but I do truely believe, the same way I thought when the First Family was charged, that the ruling of DDP really forced us, Taiwanese as a whole, to rethink and to experience the Spirits behind democracy, belief, and yes, liberty.
I can never underestimate the "miracles" in Taiwan, the traffic-chaos-without-accidents, men-women-become-couples-without-real-communication, economy status (in a good sense), and democracy. Taiwanese residents have little idea how fortunate they are to live in a democratic based nation. That’s a miracle because the wheel spinned so fast and Taiwan improved too drastically beyond the development of such conservative culture. And therefore democracy became democrazy; to demonstrate how crazy it can get. The same applies to liberty… when they/we were freed from all those martial laws and shadows, some were afraid of the change and longed for the past, some didn’t know how to react and stayed put, most of them, with their next generations, ran with the freedom and some of them got carried away and abused it. Oh and then people forgot (took it for granted huh) how they got their democracy & liberty in the first place: belief.
So with democrazy, total liberty, no real belief… and catalyzed by the sorry-ass ruling government,  we/us as inevitably created a monster in the cabinet. Then suddenly people turned around and said "what have we done?"
This is history making.
I was touched, when Frank Hsieh and GoGoGo bowed to apologize. I almost couldn’t hold my tears when the old farmer spoke. They were in all these, through thick and thin. They reminded us what was it like before and what it took to be what we are today. They were there, at the front line, and at the most humble living style. They knew Taiwan is going through the transition period. the Make or break time. The time people are slowing learning, the prices, the tickets, to embrace democracy, and the principles, underlying liberty. Because we, as a whole, are paying the price now. Through the chaos and tears. We now suffer, and we’ll learn.
And that’s what it takes.
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