Chinese New Year 2008

The rule always seems to work. The more you anticipate it, the more it disappoints you.
My favorite time of the year, since returning to Taiwan, is always the Chinese New Year. It translates into holidays, chili weather, vast amount of sports, stuffed stomach, and family trip out to the MOUNTAINS. It’s hard to get better than that.
This year, I didn’t dare to imagine the holiday since the only will I could have was simply and solely to stay alive. By the time I grinned it out with my data on the meeting. I was ready to break free. I went home, played my heart out on the tennis court, and ate with my mind relaxed. I felt like students savoring the moments after the finals. I didn’t have the slightest clue the peak of my holiday had just been reached.
Just a few hours after chewing up the street-snacks, I vomited and diarrhea-ed for the next full-day, over 20 times. Gone were tennis and food.
But it’s ok yeah? I have been and always will have to get through one of these food poisoning every year, so not bad to get it out of the way in the beginning.
We still got family trip to the mountains. So we went to Tzeng-Wen Reservoir. Walked the walk, ate the meal, showered the cold, and climbed the wall/or squeezed the balls (no chewed the night-snack for me this year). We then moved to the next destination, Frozen-Foot, and the family sensation snapped. The family didn’t seem to appreciate the hospitality, and more financial issues followed later in the night. It just didn’t feel right. At least the kids still went wild like they’re in Disneyland, that was a good thing. For once I was like them; recalling the time Uncle Liang was a serious issue, I was still having my own blast. Yet as my mind matures, so was my vision for responsibility. It just didn’t feel right to deny the hypobarric atmosphere in the air like I used to do.
A sleep later we eventually left the B&B and headed to Mt. HeHuan. Fortunately we listened to the suggestion and departed early to escape the traffic jam. However, we were too inexperienced to select the right Tire-Chain to be installed…and that led to disasters, in which we had to pull-over several times for the problems we could had avoided by selecting the right installer. Then after spending loads of time waiting for help, we got to the mountain top (automobile standard)… just to witness how severe mom’s osteoporosis was as her wrist came down in a snap. Of course then, people got concerned and emotional, and man, back in the travel lodge… I thought the -5oC climate was the lowest it could get in Taiwan. My anticipation to share my mountain love with the family evaporated into disappointment.

I ma leave the misery stop here.

There were still blessing all alone the way I gotta say. The trip/vacation could had been MUCH MUCH worse. Simply put, had I suffered the diarrhea a couple days later, I wouldn’t even have the chance to complain. Not to mention those good-hearted man & police we met on the mountains, and medical Docs who took care of mom (porch included, no less).  And if mom can get her mind straight and learn from this injury? then the injury would be hurting no more. With all my heart, I pray. Thank you God, for the blessing.

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