New Semester

So, about a quarter of my days at NCKU have passed.
How does it feel? Well, I’ve got to admit that I’m finally getting aquinted to life here. Yet this is still far from enjoying it. On the other hand. I’m also running out of excuses to "stay" except for "responsibility" causes. That brings me back to the point where I had the opportunity to interview Wen-Tai, as he said his PhD degree was claimed under severe limit-testing challenges. That sounded similar to the situation I’m facing now. Except I’m nowhere near the level he’s suffering, and he was enjoying his project. He said he was "responsibility" driven; he had to have his motivation under such dis-mentling advisor. I had it the other way around. I’ve gotten used to Prof Tang, but still lack thePassion for my project. Prof Tsai told me once I can collect the pieces together, the picture would fantasize me. Oh yeah? I had that for a period of time a while back when I first heard Prof Tang’s lecture during a summer course on regeneration. But now? either the fuel has burnt out or my heart has given up pump’n. Days seem to go by slowly and gradually as if nothing has changed, and everyone’s treating me like if were "the Next." Things must have looked "All right" from the outside. The rest is just intrinsic. I’m so blessed to re-discover my old-old-old buddies from elementary, and reminded just how fortunated with the friends/family around. Time after time Life just never ceases to amaze me. This year I even got to meet Dr. Aaron Ciechanover AND Dr. Brittan "Brit" Chance (Wow~). Classic. These are the moments.
1/4 has passed. 3 folds more to come. Have I already turned the corner? Have I already conquered the hill, the screen that filtered, the boy inside me? One and a half more years to tell.
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