How difficult is it to speak the truth? It takes a brave man’s heart to do so. It takes even more for a soft-hearted considerate individual. More than often, the truth is so cruel that disasterous responses are foreseeable. On top of that, there’s always an easier alternative excuse can be made.
Last Friday in a lecture a CEO said in business world it’s all about business and therefore it’s all about cruel and shrewd. If you’re not making money in the end, then the process definitely don’t matter. On the other hand, in life, the end of everyone is the same. So the process, every moment of it, is important.
Back to the point. A man must makes his judgement, and be responsible of it. If he chooses to give an alternative solution, he will need to shoulder the consequences. Whether it’s to make more excuses in the days to come, or to break the ball someday; often it’s an even greater magnitude of explosion that leads to. On the other hand, if a man chooses to gut it and speaks the truth, he’d also need to face the foreseeable madness/response when the heat is on. There really isn’t an absolute answer. It’s a matter of judgement and courage.
Courage is tested at its extreme when one’s facing the task to stick up for what he/she believes in the most.
The courage to speak the truth, while acknowledging the predicted catastrohpy.
The courage to take on the challenge that can be easily chickened out.
The courage to let go, to put down, to bid good-bye, for the well of a bigger scale.
Ultimately, the courage to face one’s own fear, the most ignored yet unmistaken fear.
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