Living the Moment, the Beauty of Life

Today after a day of operations and labs, I decided to give myself a mini-break at dinner.
I did one of the things that I enjoy the most: sitting alone in the corner of a quiet restaurant (KFC in this case), chewing my meal (chicken sandwich and fries), sipping the soda (Coke or Pepsi), watching the people walking by outside the window, reading a magazine or two, and just letting the random thoughts swirl around my mind.
The magazine I was reading, the Feb Ed. of PAR – Performing Arts Reviews, caught my eyes. In the column section, there were 3 artists sharing their ways/stories of arts. I was surpised to found out I actually recognized the first two! Performing artist Li Li-Chuen shared his brief encounter with a Yi woman in China while he was filming The Condor Couples, how his acting and singing conjoured the images with the ordinary yet vivid village wife. Pianist Rolf-Peter Wille enlightened his imaginations again in front of the World Atlas, where cities of triumphs and fumbles his master once stormed. There were more, but these were enough. Enough for me to dwell on these non-vital yet exquisite aspects of living.
Here am I, a graduate student of medical college, where life revolves around ups and downs, significant differences or not. This is where we squeeze out every bits of time to complete the tasks we assign to ourselves, where we panic when realizing too much free time. That’s the reality. So for people like us, the busy-like-frenzy non-artist, are we destined for a life that’s colored by contrasting black or white (Yes or No), red or green (Stop or Go), or plain gray (so so)?
In one occassion on Anthony Bourdain’s show on Travel Channel, he was complaining about how the director always called for a promo when he was "living the moment." He gave examples of drinking hot eskimo tea inside an igloo of a winter night, gathering around the fire inside a Siberian tent, or just merely amazed by the open ocean. To the viewers, he was the lucky man; the one who could travel around, eat all he wants, and get paid. Oh, and on top of that, he gets to "live the moment."
Is that so?
To me, the moments are everywhere. If the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then the moments are in the hearts of the believers. Really. Anything, nearly everything, can be the moments. That’s when colors (beauty) are added into life.
A drop of sweat, the mini-leisury break, the end of a fullfilling day.
A naughty phone call, a greeting mobile message, or a morning wish.
A smile, a reaction, the look on the face after a surprise.
A snapshot, a cheering online nickname, an emotion within words.
An inspiring article, a touching story, a piece of embarasing childhood memory.
A good song, a guitar solo, classic jazz in the halolight illuminated midnight.
A piece of cookie, a cup of breakfast tea, a bowl of warm noodles.
A friendly joke, a caring tab, a hearty hug.
A helping hand, priority seats, volunteers all across the world.
Stroding through the alleys of Tainan, riding the newly ontrack Kaohsiung subway, walking along the waterfront.
The handclaps all around Taiwan, crowd-passion filled glory pier, and the vacant glory pier at midnight.
…and every prayer that is sent from the profound heart to heaven.
Back and forth, past and present, time and time again.
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