Christiane Engel – Reverence for Life, with Music

Paying off old debts. Drawing relations to the lecture. Salute to the 4 cutest and most unfortunated 2-week-old Wistar rats.
When I first saw the Ad of the event, meeting Albert Schweitzer, I thought "hey, this is not bad." Then I checked the date, very adequetly, the day before my molecular biology mid-term. So I thought, "I can get back to it later." As the date drew closer, I got closer to the poster as well. I realized it was meeting his grand-daughter, and Albert Schweitzer himself was a Ph.D. of (get ready) medicine, theology, music, and philosophy. So I told myself, I ma organize my time well so I can get to know this guy deeper.
It turned out to be some sort of "this type of person actually existed!" shock. I mean, I’ve always known he’s the one with the hospital in Africa back when there really was NOTHING. We live in a time where people are finally paying attention to oversea medical service, and almost forgetting the REAL person who not only raised the concern and devoted his life into it. So that was really, a stunning and impressive shock. But there’s more. I almost saw an expanded version of me, in Schweitzer. Well, maybe except the Nobel Laureatte part, and I don’t know if he cared about sports. But him being a medical physician, a musian, humanitarian, philosopher, and theologist, really gave me that "picture" I could envision, or at least, aim, for my life. So that was beyond shocking. That was… well, visionary.
Then there’s the granddaughter, Christiane.
She spoke with elegancy, the attitude of a saint, the impression of, refering my bro’s words "just give her the nobel peace prize." But then these are just the first impressions. She is, also, a medical doctor and a musician, and to top that off with the heart of an angel. (Describing a woman as an angel may sound like acient old, but for real, she did look like someone walking out from the bible or portraits in Louvre.) Her presence itself as already enough for me to tab my hat off, but there’s much more. What impressed me the most was her mind. She’s an intention-oriented person. When asked about whether medical students of thier final years should provide oversea service, she simply said "if they were there with the intention to serve and not to test, then they should be encouraged." As simple as that, it solved one of the most contrversial dilemma. If we could have many more like her? man, things would have been much simplier. Yet up til here, in a sense, she’s still an idealist to me, something in my opinion, isn’t the complete package. It’s like the cutoff line between ordinary church and the chruches that actually send people to spread the gospel in the developing countries. It’s a matter of saying it and putting it into action.
Well I guess I wouldn’t be putting these up if she had stopped there. What impressed me the most was this: when the audience raised the same question I ahd in mind, asked how music has helped her in some way to achieve her grandpa’s mission; she responded "I play my music, to calm the hearts and souls from there suffering, to give them hope, to bring them happiness. (well, fair enough, if you believe in music that is…) But that’s not it. She added, "I play my music in charity events, to raise money for the foundation." Wow, now that’s something. For every aspect of living I believe in, a good heart, a vision, a plan, and put them into actions. She’s got them all. So to me, her grandpa was like a legend; the one that I envision myself to become. The lady herself? she’s so vivid, standing and speaking in front of me, so real yet so ideal and flawless.
There is a saying that there are certain lectures, or persons, that you only need to attend, or meet for once, and it’d change your life forever. I don’t know if this one counts. What I know is, meeting Christiane Engel is one of those times where you know you’ve met a beautiful soul, the ones that erects a statue of role model in your heart, for guidience on the crossroad, for motivations in face of obstacles. Like of Dr. Lien of West Africa, I thank god for giving me the opportunity to be enlightened.
To end with where I started. Rest in peace, and have fun in heaven, the 4 dear 2-week-old wistar rats. Reverence for Life, you’ve met your due. and with music, I ma sing you Good Riddance/Time of your Life, with my guitar.
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