The sun is up with a simple life shot

The sun is finally up. After days (it hasn’t been a week, but for the southerners like me, it felt like weeks) of rain, I finally saw the shed of light shinning on the west side building of the brown NCKU dormitory, supporting casted by the golden shower on the street, and illuminating was the half rainbow on the overhead sky. The rainbow stayed until I made my 5th lap on the track. Breathing in and out of the refreshing post-rain air to unleash my depressed soul; it was a splendid sensation.
But it doesn’t beat this.
This is what I saw when I was enjoying the sun on my way to rainbow castle to catch my sandwich lunch.
A middle age man, cylcing on the most ordinary bike one can find on the campus, in his blueshirt, grey pants and tie, gently greeted me with the type of nod that barely reached 1 degree decline and was only acknowledgeable to the recognized eyes. As I nodded back with awe in my heart, I saw the whole picture. On the backseat, sitting sideway was a middle age woman in white dress, tenderly wrapping her arm around the men on the waist. The two, softly at mid-pace, glided and wobbled through the central campus aligned by the shade trees. The impression was smooth, temperate, elegant, and happiness. I followed their image with my eyes until they made the turn to a smaller alley. More sentiments arise: extraordinary of the ordinary, together, shoulder, and trust. Enough to put a smile on my face and light a sun on my mind.
Thank you Lord for bringing us rain to water the planet, cloudy skies to show us the rainbow, and darky weather to remind us the blessing of the south. Also thank you for bringing me the sun with a simple and memorable shot.
Oh, and just for the record, the man’s name is Feng Da-Shuan, the vice president of the school. The woman was probably Mrs. Feng, not that it mattered if if was anyone else. Why did he greet me? Probably not because we spent an afternoon together accompanying Dr. Ciechanover back in 2006. It’s probably because he’s Dr. Feng, period.
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