My new year resolutions

By order, this entry should be about SF, where I had a wonderful time visiting a place that celebrated Christmas during the holiday season, or the baseball column, the job that signifies the ultimate job I have been dreaming to have since applying for "sport-" department. Or even more significantly, I should write about my out-of-the-blue re-visit of the Orient Cup, where once again, I got through the round of 16 just to be knocked-out mercilessly by Tsai Rong-Yi and his upgraded partner.

But no, after all these, I really wanna mark down my resolutions for 2009. Ultimately I have an idea of the type of life I want to have, but just speaking by the scale of a year, they are more like short-term goals of a mid or long-term plan. Due to that reason, plus my ultra-proper attitude when it comes to setting "realistic" goals, I ma separate my resolutions into "for year 2009" and "for fantasy 2009." The latter one doesn’t mean it ain’t achievable; it’s there to keep my head high and to remind me of the purity of dreams.

"Resolutions for year 2009"
1. Graduate, and stay away from Ph.D program.
2. Live actively, athletically, artistically/musically, meaningfully, and happily.
3. Make decisions that are "rightfully considered," not "disgruntlly compromising."
4. Financially persistent and reliable.
5. Regain my fire, the task-driven self that topped it all.

"For fantasy 2009"
1. Post Bach. Med entry.
2. Long Island, NY, revisited.
3. Orient Watch, obtained by winning.
4. The first scientific publication.
5. "Sortez d’ici, paisiblement"

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One Response to My new year resolutions

  1. alex says:

    Point 5, hahaha, that is some funny shit

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