Are you a medical doctor?

During the long weekend I took the family/friends up to Miaoli to revisit the lovely Hakka villages in DaHu and the funny Fulai lodge host. Of course we hiked all over Mt. Manapa 1409 M as well. This time the host (Mr. Liu?) took us to the other way around so we had the view first, then went down the forest. I would prefer to have it the other way around, but really, no complains. There were tons of good times, barbeeques, plum picking, pick-up truck ride on the hills, and the stories with Raja "the Hindo." Yet there was one splashing moment that meant quite a lot to me. When we first arrived we were met by another group of family from Taipei, and one of the man/father of the family was a marathon-freak who ran 10k everyday. More importantly, he came up to me and asked "are you Lien Chia-En?"
Man, that meant so much to me. I dreamed of being the influential person like Lien. I’ve heard comparisons of me and him years back when I first came back from Canada. I’ve read about his story more than a dozen times. I’ve even attended his lectures a couple times in KMU and in church. He probably was the most influential person that broght me into oversea medical service world. For a few times I thought I was on track, yet right now everything seemed so far away. Once one said to me I could not hide my desire to serve oversea. Is that so?
I know God has it all planned. I believe God would hand me my responsibility when the day comes. Maybe all of this "today you graduate and tomorrow you are a freshman" thing is also a part of the plan. I just gotta hold my head high.
But I really am having a good laugh now recalling the host’s look when he was trying to find out my "mystery background" for the marathon-freak 1 day after we already had this discussion. He came to me with this curious yet "gotta know" look and asked "so, just tell me, Are you a medical doctor?" Enough said.
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