Host, audience. Hello!

June and July, graduation time. In June, it’s about the ceremony. Looking back, I was very proud of the road I’ve gone through. The tough commute days. The "i’m quitting after this semiester" days. The "i’m out-da-here" days. And now I have, "let the cap fly on Saturday because you’re reporting to Ph.D program on Monday." Those 15 h working days have gone from miserable, to stressful, to bearable, and now, endless and numb. I can always remember the words I put and believed in on my autobiography, that God puts man to test his will and work his bone before giving the great responsibility. I still believe in it. Not only do I believe it, I’m feeling it. I can also remember everytime I talk to ma during the weekend about raising children, I always emphasize how challenges make one grow, strong and tough, and bring out the best of one. I believe I have been struggling enough to endure the phase of difficulties that prepared me for the next level in life. Recalling Prof Tsai’s words, happiness in research studies is to be capable and sufficient; that sensation is coming along.
To mark some events, I was honored to represent my class on the graduation ceremony. I have been very proud of my class, the 1 to 10 that stick ’till the end. The 2 years of a class rep was not merely a responsiblity; it’s been a privilage. With that roar and scream from the stand when our class and my name was announced, appreciation received. I am probably more proud of the achievement of my class than of myself, but I also know there would be at least one objective: my a-ma. Although I didn’t collect medals like coins as 2007, I still made her smile with pride. So were my ma, mei, and co. Oh, and that inspiring commencement speech given by the 101 bank CEO? "the way of the brave." Although I had to endure all those non-sense ancient ceremonial rituals (national anthem my xxx, triple bows? i’m sorry i got a serious back injury.), the feedback and all were all worth the while. Gotta take the bitter with the sweet.
Those 15 h/day work weren’t in vain. Data were lining up, mostly in the mid-nights. After a few break-through experiments and countless failures, I was ready to write my manuscript — the process I insisted to go through. I’ve always enjoyed writing, thus it wasn’t hard for me to write. The difficulty was to focus; after already treading on tremebling legs, moving forward was an achievement, let alone focusing. It was also a pleasure to fiddle with my natureal talent to boost up in discussions, after all, brainstorming has never been a problem. After 2 weeks or so, the manuscript was done, completed. Much appreciation goes to YKW who single-handedly upgraded (i’d say transform) my free-will into scientific form. And after getting them printed and stabled, I sat. Exhausted. And slept through 2 hours of alarm. Beyond the exhaustion I had anticipated. It felt like a mud-fight. For every punch or movement I were to summon, great deal of energy were consumed. And it was not clean, and nowhere near smooth.
What else was happening? The World Games! After years of preparation, and training, the city is finally ready, so were the volunteers. How long the road has it been! I remember my first participation in the WG-related event was to take the whole SMCamp to parade with all other athletic teams. Frank Hsieh was the mayor back then, I was in the summer of becoming a sophomore. Ma always said I could had contributed much more in the WG other than merely being the volunteer, but I really am satisfied. Through the process I’ve met so many passion-hearted, young or old. I’ve witnessed how volunteer have grown in the city. I’ve even welcomed the cruise docking in Kaohsiung Pier. Although I really wasn’t being something particular, these pieces of something have really becoming something I’ll always remember, the things I’d never had done else where. Yet coming back to the point, did I wish I could had contributed more? Or at least be more involved? Of course, I’d always wanted to make a difference, in my style, preferably. Well, God never gives up on real dreamers and believers I suppose. Because last weekend, my opportunity came. I went air on Happy Kaohsiung and spoke about Sports Medicine, World Games, and the vision I have for the city. I was nervous and tight as as drum; I knew it because I saw the cable were all tangled up on my fingers. Yet recalling back and listening to the recorded talk, it was a blasting success. We even had a call-in telling us how impress he/she was after listening to the talk, and will definitely be attending the WG. Job done, indeed. I knew I could had ended the show in a even smoother way, but satisfaction was met. Friends were telling me how calm and smooth I sounded. Thinking back, it all started with that highly anticipated and beautifully deliever opening line: "Host, audience, Hello!"
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