The Return to the Real World – New York

So, talk about coming back to New York. After 5 years, or 8 years if I consider the trip in 2004 as a holiday trip, I am finally back, to where the journey began. After getting degree and the nod from Prof Tang, I was finally starting to let my dream coming to reality. 2 weeks after planning, I was on the plane to Narita, and JFK. How did I feel? Nostalgic. Simply put, I had more nerves than excitements; the known to expect were fewer than unknowns.

First impression upon arrival? A few new things, some things have changed; there were more familiarities than unfamiliar. After spending a few days around, the impressions were becoming clear images. The art shows have inevitably regressed; however, the cousins have grown. I remember returning back to Taiwan in 2002 discovered the roots of my origin and behaviors. Well this time around I found answers to my so-called “cold-blooded attitude” and “centered-self.”

When I look at the Americans, I do see some qualities that live in me: the weekends, the laugh, and the wild. But then again, when compared with the Canadians, I do feel that extra sense of closeness shared with background and friendliness. That sense of luxury is still here in Long Island and the sense of hierarchy can be distinctively felt, stronger than ever. The most compelling of all, was the sense of reality of anything and everything. From head to toe, weak to strong, pry and predator, pride and prejudice, ignorance and generous, aggressive and passive, competitive and sluggish, the whole nine yard. The ultimate reality of life, the exact scenario that I have been waiting for. New York, here I am.

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