Friends, and friendship.

Quite some noises have been buzzing in my world of sports lately. Mainly, they haven been the rigged games of the Brother Elephants. Rigged games and gambling in Taiwanese Baseball…again. And this time around, it was the "oh-we-are-self-disciplainarians" Brother Elephants. Nevertheless, after witnessing the recent "A-bien" fiasco, I’ve learned how to judge the news/comments provided (or leaked?) by our judical system. So I ma be patient and wait until a solid proof is seen. For now, my stance has been the same, liberate the innocent, and beat the criminals!
My real concern is this: can the yellow team, get a new GM? The vision can go way beyond that; the whole CPBL organization can use a much bigger ambition, and they can definitely use a much more capable commissioner. But, to start from the root of the rotten core, the brake of all uprising drive need be dispatched. From there on, the league may be given the opportunity to upgrade, with a real free-agent system, player’s union, etc. That’s the official part.
There’s another side of me, the softer side. The side that suddenly understood the to-draw-line-or-not-to-draw-with-A-bien controversies that’s holding the DPP by the throat. One of the key white-glove in this case was the former La New David Huang, aka Mee-gok Dion, and he’s admitted his crime. By my standard, he should be thrown into jail and beaten (ok, punished), and I still stand firmly above that. The reason that I could relate to the A-bien case was because A-Dion was one of my best friends while I was at La New. I remember Ms. Chen Min-Shun, the former head of Taipei 101 and a close friend of the former 1st family, said that she wouldn’t turn her back to her friend just because the friend has done something wrong. She was not denying the crime, nor the friendship. I completely felt it that day, the day mee-gok Dion admitted to his crime. I believed he deserved to be imprisoned, and I would like to pay him a visit. Ask me how did I feel about it ? I felt sad. I am still sad.
Today Tsao "the come’n" said mee-gok-dion was his friend. I still ain’t ready to judge Tsao yet, he’s not had his verdict. But in a way, I can feel him. I am not saying I support his action, of meeting the gamblers and all. I just feel him. Because if I could feel the way I do for A-dion. With what they’ve gone through together, there should be much more of what they have to share. For that. Take care man.
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