Nice guy, ice cold bills

Just a few things I’d like to jot down before they slip away in this mist of frenzies…
Time of the year: Pre-travelling frenzy.
Whenever there is a trip, it is preceeded by a horde of work. The amount of work correlates directly (or exponentially) with the duration and distance of travel. This time around it’s the trip to the west west southern California. So the frenzies are already around…
Classic example of a nice guy.
I’ve met several so-called "nice guys" in my life. The first classic example would be Kevin "the chow." In his own description on a blog he wrote "I’m a nice guy (eyes rolling) and that’s all there is to it." Then back in Taiwan there is Chuang "the local king," who’s got the greatest amount of patience in the world. And here it is, in my Ph.D. studying in NCKU, Chao-ming arrives in the next door lab. I don’t know him that well as compared to Kevin or Chuang, but this one line would sum it up. The ultimate classic example of a nice guy. This is what he had on his MSN nickname: "It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice." The Nicest, indeed.
Ice cold bills.
One of my favorite characteristics of Tainan (or Taiwan as a whole) is the little food booths. They ain’t necessary have to be booths, they just need to be small and non-commercialized. The most common ones here in Tainan are the beef soup booths.  There is this beef soup booth owned by an old woman, where I visit quite often. The food is simple, beef soup and a bowl of rice. Just some pure, simple, heavily original food. Most of the customers there are middle aged, taned, rugged men. They are there to eat and sing a few kareokes. I am definitely the odd man around. Anyway, the soup is 100 NT, and it comes with a bowl of rice. There was once I only had an a thousand bill, and I asked if it was ok. She said it’d be better if I had "lan-san-a" but she could take the bill. So she walked in and fumbled around. I saw her getting the a hundred bills out of a ba-bao-jou (8-treasure congee) can; I didn’t want to look because I thought that may be somewhere she hide her money, I turned away. A moment later, she gave the change: 9 one-hundred dollars bills, ice-cold. She hide her money, in the fridge.
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