Meet Prof Edmund YS Chao, again

"I had never hoped to become rich and fmaou, but only did my job and assignments with faith, dedication and perseverace while let reality follow its course, ‘Serendipity’ was chosen for my story telling since anyone who was born as an ordinary person, raised in a humble environment, and received an averaged education would have equal chance to excel."   — Prof. Edmund YS Chao

It’s great to see Prof Chao again. Last time I attended his talk I was all physiology oriented. Not anymore. His talk rewakened my cells for the greater influence in applied science. In much greater aspect, his act reinforces my impression of an intellect. The steadfast, the wise, and the generousity.

The nice-to-see-you-again-and-farewell talk lasted 3 min. He encouraged my work on the biomechanics of the cell. He reminded me of the windows of opportunities opened by the training in PhD program. Hope I can remember this when I graduate, that the PhD program, is merely a training, that equips me with the skills I will need, for my future. I will be able to do heart, vessels, and so on. Keep your windows open, Hans.

5 years ago I met him from a call to my mobile, yet I was not ready to absorb the wisdom. Today, I had to wait more than 40 min for my opportunity. It was worth it. Let’s see what awaits for the serendipity in the future.

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