Reminiscence – I believe I can fly

I miss the days when I was simply, happy. 

I would smile and let it light up the day. I understand as the days go by and we grow old, greater power comes with greater responsibility. And hence, the burden that comes with it.

As we accumulate the sands of hour glass in our belt, we entrench deeper in to the meaning of life. Greater depth, broader aspect as well. 
For the people we meet, things we do and see, and of course, the emotions that raise from within and the surrounding, genuinely and inevitably.

I don’t wish to turn back the hands of time, and I appreciate all the plans God had laid for me. Yet there are always moments that draw me seamlessly into the time of the past, when this song meant the world to me…

If I could see it… then I can do it…
If I just believe it… there’s nothing to it…

I believe I can fly…
I believe I can touch the sky…
I think about it every night and day…
spread my wings and fly away…

I believe I can soar…
see me running, through that open doorrrrR,
I beLIEVE, I can fly…

Today the melody rang again, out of the blue.
I wonder, as our the burden of life becomes heavier, have I lost my ability to soar?
Don’t ever, give up, the belief, to fly.
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