A little stress or too much stress?

In my first ever exercise physiology project, we found that extreme exercise, which shot up the stress hormone in the circulation, is detrimental to the memory-enhancing effects of exercise in the brain. Again, it’s a confirmation of that same old saying "Some stress is necessary, too much is killing," or "No pain no gain, too much pain and you’ll break" etc. To exercise regularly is some sort of stress, to enroll in a program also causes so form of stress. I remember the times that I really started thinking about lots of theories in life were the early pain-bearing days in Brentwood, the unsatisfactory times in KMU, and the early days of grad school in NCKU. Recently, this familiar feeling has raised and surrounded again. Over and over again.

The question is, as the threshold for stress elevates with age, so is the ignorance on the receiving end. How do I know if I am overexposed and the dot on the "inverted" U is reaching beyond the peak, heading toward catastrophic breakdown? A few signs are flashing…

1) Above general average, but below my own average mood
2) The brain has been short-circuited, number than over before
3) Where’s that fire gone?

Still, these ain’t definite signs, and like it or not, I will have to endure through. Apart from readjusting my daily agenda, what other options do I have?

How about some brain-stimulating antagonists?

Maybe it’s time to lace them up and "chau-lo" again…

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