Jeremy Lin Watch: fighting for the rotation

Great news from the SF Gate.

Jeremy Lin is getting his recognition.

From coach Smart:

“That’s why it’s so important for Lin to be able to come in and give us quality minutes at backup point guard until we can get healthy.”

“I think Monta is pushing him, because he’s starting to gain confidence in him,” Smart said. “If Lin can handle Monta coming at him, he’ll be OK in the games.”

“He made a big, big jump,” Smart said.

OH yeah.

First it was making the cut, the try-outs (this is exactly what Taiwan lacks, do-or-die competition). Then it’s about making the rotation, otherwise you’d always be there, on the farthest end of the bench. After days of patiently waiting (Lin is MUCH MORE patient than us the fans or the observers), Lin got his burn against the Lakers in place for the ankle-bummed Curry. According to SFGate:

“Lin was better than OK against the Lakers, registering two points, three assists and four steals while completely changing the tempo of the game in his 16 minutes.”

Oh yes. The key stat is not about the points, the assists, or the steals. I stayed up to watch the replay of that game, and witnessed the “completely changing the tempo of the game in his…” well, 11+ min in the 3rd quarter. He was competitive and hustling like a scooter in rush-hour traffic. Heck, in a 24-pt blown up game, he’s one of the very few with a positive +/- score.

Getting the recognition? Fair enough. Thank you, coach Smart.

At this moment, Lin hasn’t scored much. To rub it in, he hasn’t scored anything from a jump shot. If he continues to play like this, someone is gonna call him Eremy real soon. But I totally believe he is taking the best pace for him. His mission on the court is to protect the rock, and get his teammates involved; he’s done exactly that. The scoring could be an option, but not high on priority and could be a distraction at this stage. Eventually he’s going to be very comfortable with the ball, then he will gradually bring that jumper to the game. Just the prime example of progression of the game and learning the rope.

Personally, I went from making the team, to fighting for the rotation, to a chemistry player off the bench. I don’t know how Lin’s game will develop and how much room will there be for his jumpers; he seems much more comfortable penetrating (to the right, to be exact) as oppose to my mid-range jumpers. At this moment I still can’t foresee him to make a project comparison. However, I do see Lin becoming a key back-up PG off the bench, or even like Jeff’s said, “a combo guard.” We’ll see.

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