Write, just to write

I’ve always believe that, if one’s got the talent to be somebody, or to do something, he/she cannot hide it and does not need a degree to credit its ability. The prime personal example is my ability to teach/coach. I’ve never taken a single hour of educational program yet I have earned the heart of my students, from elementary through jr. to college, and post-graduates. Gotta give high school students a try sometime.

The point was, I did not let “no educational credit” stop me from teaching/coaching, and I have successfully proven my mouth’s worth. And it’s about time to add another dimension to my life: writing.

I do know I have a very different perspective to guarantee some good articles, and I “think,” because of that, I can get by with my very average writing skills. However, things could only get worse if I just continue to read a whole lot without really clicking my keyboards. From neurological point of view, the brain region responsible for reading comprehension will probably expand and take over my writing region of the brain. Ain’t gonna let that happen.

More importantly, I do dream to become a sports writer, or even a freelancer. I could I ever become one if I ain’t even living like one who just can’t hide his talent in doing so? I remember I loved SLAM so much that I did my own short column underneath the posters of DeJuan Wagner “the Points Guard,” and even earlier, Steph Marbury back when he was on the Phoenix. I remember I was so critical on education (KMUSM, of course) that I just had to translate my anger and fierce into lines of golden suggestions that still hold so truthfully, that I would recall upon as guidelines whenever I’m lost in the future.

The bottom line is, I am getting them back. For whatever dream or job I look to achieve, I ma start livin’ in one.

So I ma write, and just to write.

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