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Making an influence: low-key to achieve

I’ve been thinking about how to influence people, or as jokingly said, how to brain-wash, for a long long time. Ever since reading Sir Charles’ I may be wrong but I doubt it, making an influence has become the mission … Continue reading

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Experience Japan: the service

The ultimate purpose of this trip to Nagoya was to attend Yukun’s wedding. Inside me, I had 2 motives: to reconnect with the 3 Japan-resident cousins, and to re-explore Nippon again. I am now happy to say, I’ve done just … Continue reading

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Return to Nippon: Motive

It’s been almost a decade since my footprint left a real mark on the soil of the nation of sunrise. It was in Okinawa, when I was yet removed from Canada. The most uncomfortable memory of custom differences was that … Continue reading

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The twisted and misunderstood: the language Chinese

It’s been more than 7 years since my migration to Taiwan. Am I still an Expat? I don’t know. My life is definitely a mix blend of “the local,” “return-home,” and “Expat in Taiwan.” The more I interact with the … Continue reading

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