Realizing a dream, one little step at a time

It really was just about getting as many people to exercise as possible, straight and simple.

I had a dream. That was 2007. I wanted to write a series of books on “why exercise,” inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul. The series will include “Why exercise – for the children,” “-for adults,” “-for parents,” and “-for seniors.” The time table was scheduled as well. I’d start writing it during my masters studies in exercise physiology, and finish it after I graduate.

Well, life hardly ever goes according to plan does it? (would it even be interesting?) I ended up spending a good 3+ and counting years in a remotely exercise related lab, and the digital trend is taking over the actual printing books. Definitely not the setting for the number one best selling author.

On the other hand, I’ve had several opportunities to talk about exercise and health on national broadcast radio, and I even became a guest DJ once. I had also owned an MLB column for EzBoBo & FET, which was definitely very close to “getting paid being alive.” That was pre-2009.

Now in 2011, the window of opportunity arrives again. Initiated by the BBS famous “Ikarus,” I incidentally scheduled a series of lectures for his program, which was also to encourage the employees to exercise. And very reasonably, the first talk of all, was named “Why exercise – the world of exercise that you may not know about?” and given by me.

With a few sound suggestions from the people around, I gathered Ya-Hsuan “the flamewolf” and setup the website “The Wonder World of Exercise.” This is a milestone, because it serves as an outlet for all those words that’s been waiting to be said, written, or even unleashed, by not only myself, but also the enthusiasts of sports medicine-sphere. Even more importantly, it will serve as the source of information to all the outsiders. It’s the bridge, the platform, the hub, the steps to the sky. Because in the end, it just comes down to realizing that dream, of getting people to exercise.

With the first and foremost blasting talk to the employees of China Steel, last Sunday I delivered another successful talk on “Why exercise – the world of sports medicine and Tai Chi Chuan.” The feeling was sensational. It was not only because of the incredible energy of the audience, or seeing the eyes of a proud mama in Ms Liu (Liu Ayi). It was also because I was realizing a dream, one little step at a time.

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