Let down the status quo, go after your passion

Times like this, when running at low fuel (again), the secret voices in my closet echo.

It just feels like I’ve been doing tons of stationary walk/stride for a long time. I don’t know how others are going after their projects, but to me, I’ve been slow as a snail. My brain could still be all right like a fox, but clearly, my data’s been accumulating slower than the clouds in the desert.

The master sits in my mind; it hasn’t been focusing – on purpose.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon Wong Fu Productions, whom BoHan chipped in his musical talent a few years back in “Nice Guy.” This time around, they’ve extended the branches rather well into on-line surfers, end-to-end interactions, and most impressively the other fields of online entertainment and artists. I am totally impressed how they’re going after their dreams passionately and at the same time creating/capturing the critical strategies (such as collaboration with David Choi and Kina Grannis). To me, that’s extremely inspiration. It makes me wonder where BoHan has gone. I know a few years back he was on his way to become a lawyer in UC Irvine, but he must have known whatever is happening to Wong Fu Productions and the “could haves.”

If there could be a wild dream, I really wish I could just let go of all these seemingly meaningless work and just gun it with my vision. Let it be lecturing, tutoring (for finance reason), proposing ideas, or writing. At the very least, fulling my passion and will. I know I still dearly wanna work my way to Europe or North America, and this is definitely the road that leads to the next. But man, there must be an alternative solution to this dulling life.

Maybe the Momoge and Wong Fu Productions are just 2 of my prime role models.

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