A value for confrontation; an outlet for anger

First and foremost, my deepest condolence to the victims and families of the tragedy in Norway.

Lessons must be learned. The Americans talked about domestic security and terrorism. I want to take a different approach. What could really happen to, or what have been accumulating, this model nation of the democratic/social world?

I have never been a big fan of a “calm and steady” society. Taiwan in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and Singapore are the 2 prime examples of such. I’d much prefer the vibrancy that residents can feel and look forward to, day after day. Even more importantly, I believe in the varieties of human nature; people are not suppose to be the same. Therefore the petition, parades, and even protests should be as normal as the existence of profanity. I know there are official solutions such as the elected representative and referendum to so-called speak up, but they are too rationalized; it’s too much of a norm, a public consensus. They are the voices of the majority, the intervals within the 95% confidence interval of a bell-shape normal distribution.

But what about those underground voices? What about the rest of the 5%? They are the outliers, the unfitted, the loners, or even, the confrontationists.

There’s the key word. Whenever these people try to make their voices heard, they’re either “ignored” since it’s such a small population, or “confronted” since it conflicts with the great majority. Now in a normal society, these confrontations could stir the peaceful lotus pond, or even splash the snow white silence. People would start pointing fingers, and the adversity craving media produce a few more articles and highlights. In the end? the society keeps rolling, unless the topic turns into a real debate, and the debate swirls into public consensus. Unlikely, but at the very least, the message is sent.

That’s the flow chart in what I call a “normal” society, as in the US, Taiwan and so forth, where human nature guides and leads the inconvenient truth.

What if these outliers try to speak up in a fairy tale world? A world where the society is wealthy, steady, secure, and rational. Oh, and conflict-less. Why would there be a confrontation? These near insane words would be ignored so harmoniously that even the loudest screamer would feel like a mute. Imagine how would that feel? What would a person do if his/her words, or even believes, are constantly treated with indifference? Would it spark anger? Would they anger grow? Who is providing the fuel?

In a world where confrontation is demised, an outlet for anger is also lost. Maybe this mine has been planted and growing in this “perfect” society for ages. Hope people will learn enough from it to avoid it from ever happening again.

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