It was God that put tears in my eyes, not Jeremy Lin. I was at church.

Jeremy Lin’s moment had finally arrived last night against the Nets.

I was actually at church here in Taiwan when Jeremy made miracle. I was checking the box score every 30 sec or so on my phone and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. God really is great.

No, that was not tear coming down when I watched the highlight.

Ability wise, Jeremy presented the total package that all of us die hard followers have known since the beginning. His incredible D, hustle play, basketball IQ, intensity, ability to penetrate, and of course to make teammates around him better were all on display. So that wasn’t surprising, really.

I was mostly impressed by his mental toughness against all the negativity and more incredibly how fast he could learn from his mistakes. Everyone here probably has been trying hard to shake off that ugly memory from the Sac game, but he recovered and learned the lesson. Trotters marked him off because he turned the ball over the first time he faced against Celtics’ D, and he learned from that and we haven’t seen the same mistake again. In the previous games he was often a little shaky coming off the bench in the beginning, and last night he was just fine. Even with the temporary lost of touch around the rim? Whoever said he couldn’t finish around the rim? That was the dagger to the nets! Turnover or foul prone? How about 1 TO in 36 min? We could even take it back a bit further to last year when all we asked for was for Jeremy to make his FTs? Remember that?

As for those jumpers that haven’t fallen frequent enough?

Let’s just say for all those hard work he’s put in during the off season (check the video below), the shots will be falling soon.

Nevertheless, my most profound gratification stems from how I (and I am sure many others) can  reflect at least a couple tough stories from our career and portrait Lin as the man that has broken the unbreakable spell, done the unthinkable. How many people couldn’t aim high because we were being “rational?” If you had owned all historical recoard of Harvard basketball, and went undrafted, wouldn’t you have hung up those laces and gotten a “real job?” No, Jeremy went to the Vegas summer camp against John Wall, and then just to battle Aaron Miles AND Charlie Bell for a roster spot.

Even last year I projected his career as a serviceable combo guard off the bench, which would have made me incredibly proud already. Well, came last night’s miraculous performance.

God really is great.

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2 Responses to It was God that put tears in my eyes, not Jeremy Lin. I was at church.

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  2. Loisharn says:

    Give glory to God!

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