My take on Jeremy’s Identity

As I was reading the Post-game Notebook on for the Knicks/Wizards game, I found a couple lines of description that is only fitting for Lin’s identity.

“IN THE ARENA: Thousands of chanting and cheering Lin fans. There are many Harvard graduates in the Washington, D.C. area, and thousands of Taiwanese-Americans. They turned out to see the first American-born child of either Taiwanese or Chinese-born parents playing in the NBA.”

That’s exactly who (I think) he is. Jeremy has expressed his pride in being a Chinese American, and we know his parents are from Taiwan. Unless someday he states himself as a Taiwanese and is proud of his affiliation with Taiwan (and the rest of the whole nine-yard), it’s only proper to say he’s an American, and Taiwanese or Chinese American to the extend.

Truthfully speaking, Jeremy was born and raised in the US, and the chance of him making it in the NBA had he been raised in Taiwan would be thinner than a histology section. If he had identified himself solely as an American, who’s there to fault him? I am just thankful that he actually has some love for Taiwan, and speaks a line of Mandarin to show for it.

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