How to stop Jeremy Lin?

I seriously hope the Lakers don’t do this, but this is my take if I were Mike Brown and the Lakers.

Sag off Lin, go under the screen on the PnR, and no double team once he reaches the top of the arc and is ready to run a play.

I say this because if we review his plays from the past, Jeremy is most lethal driving to the basket, hence the sag and go under the screen. Just about every Jeremy Lin photo search on Google is a drive.


He’s not a threat from the long range (yet), and some of the most difficult shots by his standard, were actually the high arc bankers he made and the open 3s. Also, Lin has said when he drives to the hoop he normally sees 2 or 3 defenders, “something’s gotta give” and therefore it’s the obvious thing to pass the rock to the open teammate (Novak!). If teams don’t double him it actually cuts off the lane for his kick out passes. Lin is comparably less effective in taking the 1 on 1 jumper or even knocking down the open shot.

Lin will probably adjust and outsmart it if he sees an effective defensive strategy, sincerely hope so and we’ll see.

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