What is it like to be Melo right now? Ask Drew Housman!

This article on ESPN by Henry Abbott is just an awesome reference to Melo’s current status.

Everyone has been asking that same old question: “Can Melo fit in with Lin running the show?”

My short answer is Yes, because winning can solve a lot of problems. Plus I’ve never thought Melo is “that much” of a selfish player. He is somewhat egocentric I think, but not selfish. Strategically speaking, Melo is that iso-scorer this team is sorely lacking, one of the reasons why Lin pretty much has tanked out every single game he’s started so far; he’s been doing too much.

But that’s not the focus of this post. I am more interested in how Melo is “feeling” right now being surrounded by “Linosphere.” Melo surely came to NY to be “the man,” and the NY Knicks was his to be called team. “Was,” past tense. Simply put, Jeremy Lin has taken over Melo’s team.

Nobody knows better than the man Melo himself, and this is what he said:

“When I get back Jeremy will have the ball in his hands and I’m playing off of that…”

This sounds more like what he’ll DO instead of how he’s FEELIN’

So let’s turn to Drew Housman, who while starred at Harvard Crimson hoop, experienced vividly the bitter-sweet “Jeremy Lin took over my team.”

I’d just add a note to Drew’s point on the common trait shared by elite athletes:

“You have to possess a certain amount of hubris to make it at any level of professional basketball, which I think is why a lot of players I talk to belittle his accomplishments…”

For that, I really don’t blame Melo if he’s feeling a little e04 Lin Teacher moments…

To wrap up, hats off to Drew Housman’s class to be frank about his jealousy over everyone’s boy Jeremy, without which we’d never gotten to view the psychological aspect of Melo, or players of similar¬†dilemma, in such vivid and personal fashion. The plot of his writing is well staged, with the build up that leads to the boiling climax, wrapping up with that touchy cozy conclusion, the type of format that everyone learns in Writing 101 yet is a life’s lesson to master. Harvard Alumni indeed. Currently Mr. Housman is playing professional hoop in Israel, living it up to his basketball dream. Profound Respect.

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