Linvasion: Sports Illustrated, TIME, Obama, and every single news channel plus all the talk shows in Taiwan.

To represent my medical roots, I’ve been calling it the “Jeremy Lin Fever.”

All right, how far, how bad, how explicit, how ridiculous, has Linsanity gone?

Just over a week ago, I was shedding tears at church for Jeremy’s break out game against the Nets. Today I watched 45 min of TV news in Taiwan, and all I got was 林書豪 non-stop. It got so bad that I had to shut it off and went back out in the blistering wind, because the passengers were about the break the bandwagon. A couple hours later, after finishing off at the lab, I returned home and switched the TV back on. The same phenomenon?

No, it got worse. Even the political talk shows were talking about Lin. Even the show that’s made its name for reporting “extra-terrestrial aliens” was talking about Lin. Jeremy Lin is spreading faster than a Trojan virus, and hardly anyone is immuned.

But still, congratulations to Jeremy for gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated:


Followed by TIME…


And who’s next in line? Oh, also a Harvard Alumni…

President Obama may have the softest diplomatic strategy ever in the history of the US government, but he is not your average bandwagon jumping politician. The man roots hard for Chicago, actually plays quality basketball (probably hard to guard since he’s a lefty) and is not afraid to open his lips for it.

From those news bombardments, I heard that Jeremy Lin was also covered in Japan, Spain, Brazil, even in Russia. Yes, Russia. This virus is out of control.

Linvasion, indeed.

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